Why doesn't my Calming Heat feel hot enough?

This is a common problem with an easy fix! To ensure you're getting the full heating effect, please ensure that the lighter grey side of Calming Heat is touching your body (pictured). Using it on the wrong side will make the pad substantially colder than it is intended.

Why can't I lay or lean on Calming Heat™?

As with most heating pads, laying or leaning on them is not recommended. 

What is Calming Heat™ made of?

The pad is made out of 100% polyester fiber, and it is filled with clay beads 

How should I clean my Calming Heat™?

 The pad is not machine washable, and should be spot cleaned only with a damp cloth 

What are the dimensions of the pad?

 24 inches long x 12 inches wide 

What do I do if my heating pad unexpectedly shuts off or won't turn on (not including auto-off)?

If this occurs, simply unplug the unit from the outlet, wait 3 minutes, and plug it back in.

Can I sleep with my Calming Heat™?

 No, for safety reasons, no one must lean on, or fall asleep on the pad. Falling asleep with the pad on can cause burns and be a potential fire hazard 

Can I use this product on kids?

No, this product is not intended for use on children. 

What happens if I leave my Calming Heat™ on by accident?

 Calming Heat™  comes with a 2 hr auto off feature (both basic and deluxe units) and a 15 min auto off for the vibration feature on the deluxe unit

Calming Heat Instructions

Click below to download Instructions for the Calming Heat™ by Calming Comfort Basic and Deluxe!