Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this a reversible blanket

One side of the blanket is very soft Velveteen Fleece Material and the other side is viscose bamboo, which is a much cooler material.  

How much does the Reversible Blanket weigh?

The Calming Comfort® Reversible Weighted Blanket is 12 pounds. 

How big is this blanket?

The Reversible Blanket is  50 in x 75 in, which is slightly smaller than a standard, queen-sized blanket. 

How do I clean the blanket?

The blanket can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent and laid flat to dry. The Calming Comfort™ Duvet Cover (sold separately) is machine washable. 

Are duvet covers available?

Yes, the Calming Comfort™ Reversible Blanket is compatible with Calming Comfort™ Duvets.